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The Evolution of our In-Vitro Diagnostics Production


Flowcytogen Laboratories S.A. was founded in 2009 as a spin-out of P. Zafiropoulos S.A. with its main scope to become the production arm of the Group and its research and development counterpart, for sophisticated diagnostic products and methods.

Zafiropoulos Group is a pioneer in the production of Clinical Chemistry Reagents and Lateral Flow Assays in Greece, manufacturing since mid-90’s a range of 25 different CE-IVD products with the brand name ZAFIROPOULOS DIAGNOSTICATM.

Delivering Quality - Assuring Performance


In all manufacturing process at Flowcytogen Laboratories S.A. high quality materials are used, and production meets all EU standards, with a Quality Management System implemented according to international standards and GMP requirements. 

A peak technology production line, scientific management, trained staff and sophisticated quality control procedures ensure high reliability products and optimum performance. The Company holds a production permit from the National Pharmaceuticals Organization (EOF) and all reagent KITS are listed in the EDMA.

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The FlowCytoGen Pipeline


Today the evolution of our production becomes even more challenging because of the need for companion diagnostics as a response to novel treatments and personalized therapeutics. Our pipeline of multi-parametric Flow Cytometry assays with the brand name FlowCytoGen Expert Tool KitsTM is meant to offer breakthrough diagnostic opportunities in Oncology and Virology.

The new FCM product range combines the company’s proprietary technology in Advanced Cytomics with its benchmarking system solution of the FlowCytoGen mRNA Analyzer TM. 

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